Blair HSM

Among the main US manufacturer of landing gear systems, Blair-HSM was acquired by the Group in 2018 with the objective to establish a firm basis for growth in the major aerospace market of the world.

The company has two manufacturing plants:

  • HSM South (Leland, North Carolina), with a surface of 40,000 square metres, a focus on hard metals processing, and 25 machining centres;
  • Blair-HSM (Medford, New York), with a surface of 31,000 square metres, dedicated to landing gears’ assembling, hydraulic testing and painting.

The company’s origins date back to 1959 and to HSM Machine Works Inc. (North Carolina), active in the production of complex components.
In 1972 this company enters the landing gear market, where it will strengthen its position in 1999 through the merger with Blair Industries.
In 2011, Blair-HSM began to operate also in the assembly of aircraft engines.
Today the group’s US company has a wide range of skills: production of metal components, integration of mechanical and hydraulic systems, collaborations with leading American customers such as Boeing (components for programs 747-8, 767,777 and AH-64 ), Sikorsky (S-76D) and Embraer (E Jet). Blair-HSM also participates in many military programs including:

  • Lockheed F-35
  • Boeing AH-64
  • Sikorsky MH-60R
  • Sikorsky SH-60B
  • Northrop B-21