Integrated Quality Management System

The development of an Integrated Quality System and its certifications represent a key milestone towards a continuous improvement of operational efficiency and commercial competitiveness.
The MA Group commitment to compliance includes:

  • providing customers with products and services that meet their specified requirements, and pursue their full satisfaction;
  • continuous improvement of services, based on concrete and reliable data;
  • enhancing human resources through life-learning initiatives, as people are an essential element to guarantee the quality of the service/product, to achieve the set objectives and to continuously improve performance;
  • practicing periodic and systematic information, training and updating activities on qualitative and environmental aspects actors, aimed at promoting responsibility and awareness among all employees;
  • requesting the personnel to report non-conformities and inconveniences that may occur in carrying on their activities;

  • controlling and optimizing the processes, by identifying the critical points where to intervene;
  • preventing pollution and minimising environmental risks through preventive assessments and continuous monitoring of critical parameters;
  • communicating to local authorities and clients on the environment to obtain and consolidate the trust in the activities of the company;
  • minimising, as far as possible, the consumption of electricity, water and fuel;
  • reducing the production of waste, and encouraging its recovery wherever possible;
  • ensuring that the Group environmental policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the organisation.

The state of implementation of each initiative is conducted consistently by monitoring a number of indicators and assessing the deviation between what is planned and what is achieved. The results are summarized in specific periodic reports prepared by the Head of Quality and distributed to the senior management.


Ente certificatore Oggetto
Ministero delle Difesa AER-Q AQAP 2120
ENAC POA IT. 21G. 0002
ENAC Part 145 IT.145.0261
UNAVIA EN 9100 - EN ISO 9001
Kiwa Cermet EN ISO 14001
NADCAP NonDestructive Testing
NADCAP Surface Enhancement


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ENAC POA IT. 21G. 0012
UNAVIA PrEN 9100:2016 / AS9100D - ISO 9001:2015
Kiwa Cermet ISO 14001:2015
NADCAP Chemical processing
NADCAP Composites
NADCAP NonDestructive Testing


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UNAVIA PrEN 9100:2016 - ISO 9001:2015
NADCAP Chemical Processing
NADCAP NOnDestructive Testing


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NQA AS9100C- ISO 9100:2008


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DNV AS9100C - EN ISO 9001
NADCAP Chemical Processing
NADCAP Surface Enchancement
NADCAP Non Destructive Testing