A wide range of 4/5 axes CNC horizontal and vertical work centers with multi-pallet features, together with several advanced turning-milling 5 axes machines, CNC turnings, Autoclaves and Clean rooms allow MA Group Production Organizations to manufacture a wide range of metallic and glass/carbon composite parts, including Aluminum, UHTS steel and titanium.
Deep drilling, bottle boring, traditional turnings and millings machines are used for metallic parts and forgings preparation.
Grinding, honing, deburring and EDM machines allow to reach high level of surface finishing and precision.
Cutting prepregs, laminating and laser contouring NC machines are widely used during composite parts lifecycle.

Special processes for state of the art surface treatments and coatings in compliance with the European REACH regulation are also part of MA Group capabilities.

System Integration and Assembly of complex Landing Gears, hydraulic/electro-mechanical components as well Composite primary and secondary structures are daily performed in MA Group facilities and considered strategical for MA Group core business development.

Several advanced DEA NC and NDI machines and traditional in line measuring tools together with certified techniques support and check daily production operations.

A strong attitude for continuous research of new and simple techniques to improve efficiency, reduce lead times and costs according to Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma and Kaizen basic principles is well established in MA Group Productions Organizations.

Continuous improvement team leads the improvement plans of the Group’s logistics/production processes and the Industry 4.0 enabling technologies from a Smart Factory perspective. 

Manufacturing Engineering teams located in each MA Group facility develops methods, fixtures, Tools, NC programs for parts production and assembly. PFMEA and OEE Analyses are used to monitor production system.