New research projects

In July 2017, at the Airbus Helicopter booth in Le Bourget, the official presentation of the RACER (Rapid And Cost-Effective Rotorcraft) configuration took place, the demonstrator of the new high-speed helicopter that the Franco-German company is developing in under the Clean Sky 2 European research program.
The objective of the demonstrator in progress is the development of a compound helicopter (combination of a traditional main rotor and innovative side rotors) able to guarantee a speed of over 400 km / h, a better efficiency-cost ratio and a significant reduction of polluting and acoustic emissions.
The final assembly of the demonstrator should take place in 2019, with a first planned flight for the following year.

The very ambitious project brings together the expertise and know-how of dozens of European partners including MAG, which through the ANGELA consortium is developing a complete landing system consisting of the front truck, the two main carriages, and the system braking. This system, in line with the declared objectives of the project, provides for the use of advanced technologies with low environmental impact such as, for example, electrically controlled handling systems and innovative materials to reduce the weight of the equipment.’elicottero%20ad%20alta%20velocit%C3%A0%20RACER