New research projects – Tiltrotor

An innovative rotating wing for the new model of Leonardo’s tiltrotor, an aircraft able to take off vertically like a helicopter and then continue flying like an airplane.

To realize it, starting from January 2018, will be the T-Wing consortium coordinated by Cira and composed almost entirely by Italian companies and institutions: Magnaghi Aeronautica, Salver, Irpine Mechanical Workshops, Federico II University, SSM Engineering Company and the German Ibk Innovation . The T-Wing project has beaten all other competitors and has won the wing development under the “Clean Sky 2 Fast Rotorcraft” European program, to which Leonardo has joined. A very important result considering that in this field the Italian companies have often found many difficulties in being involved as protagonists.

The EU initiative intends to promote technological development in respect of the environment and human health and has as its main objectives the reduction of CO2 emissions and noise pollution. For the NextGenCTR platform (Next Generation of Civil Tiltrotor) within the “Clean Sky 2” plan, 100 million euros have been allocated. The funds have been accumulated thanks to a public-private partnership in which the European Commission contributes 50 million. The T-Wing project is worth a total of 15.5 million euros. The Magnaghi group has put on the table a quota of 9.2 million, of which about 70% financed by European funds.